Video showing Turkish occupation’s solidification

  • Jan 23 / 2017 | News


NEWS DESK- Turkey is training 450 Syrians under direct command of the Turkish military forces in order to send them to regions occupied in Syria, observers perceive this step as a solidification of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories.

Some websites circulated news about the security forces and Turkish police training 450 Syrians in a “security formation” under the command of the Turkish military forces, a video was released showing that group receiving training in one of the Turkish camps.

Trainees would chant” Allah, in the Name of Allah, Allah the Great, Long live Erdogan, Long Live Free Syria” while receiving training.

The sites have relied on news released in Yeni Şafak newspaper, this group will be sent to occupied Syrian regions, according to the newspaper.

The armed group will be working as “security forces” according to Turkey which is seeking to train 5,000 Syrians in its agenda.

Turkish occupation army started on Sunday getting Failaq al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham, Arar al-Sharqieh, al-Jabha al-Shamieh and other groups comprised under the Euphrates Shield out of Jarablus and al-Rai and have sent them to al-Bab fronts, while the Turkish army kept its existence in the city.