SDF: ''Telal Silo may have been kidnapped by Turkey's MIT''

  • 16 November 2017 | News


Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement about Telal Silo on its official website. SDF stated that Silo resigned from his position as SDF Spox. and possibly was kidnapped by Turkish intelligance.


SDF issued that Silo had been on duty as Spokesperson for Syrian Democratic Forces and resigned his job a while ago, becasue of the serious threats by Turkey on his family and children's life.


SDF said that Silo is a respectful man and fullfilled his job professionally till the last moment. Because of this reason he was threatened by Turkey on his family. We believe that Silo and his family were kidnapped in a special joint operation by Turkey's MIT and rebels backed by it.


SDF stated that they will continue their struggle of democracy for Democratic Syria, whoever tries to prevent it. It was also stated that the detailed statement to be issued as soon as the investigation finishes.


YPG Press Center | 16 November 2017