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Press Releases

Press Releases

Statement from YPG spokesperson regarding Manbij, March 2

March 2, 2017

Some media organizations published stories that the People's Defense Units

Press Releases

Operations Room Wrath of Euphrates Press Release - 17 February 2017

February 17, 2017

As the Operations Room Wrath of Euphrates, we announce the second step of the third phase of the Wrath of Euphrates campaign

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SDF declares 3rd phase of Raqqa liberation campaign, Operation Wrath of Euphrates

February 4, 2017

Meanwhile the military operations are continuing in the western countryside of al-Raqqa for liberating what remained from its Daesh (ISIS)-held space

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YPG statement on Astana talks

Jan 23/2017

The YPG General Command announced to the public its position on the Astana negotiations with a statement.

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SDF: 2480 square kilometers liberated during Phase II of Raqqa Campaign

January 16, 2017

Statement by Wrath of Euphrates Operations Room Syrian Democratic Forces - January 16, 2017

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Phase II Operation Wrath of Euphrates launched

December 10, 2016

During the last meeting of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), it has been decided to move on to the second phase of the operation.

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Syrian Democratic Forces: We are ready to support Manbij Military Council

November 24, 2016

Today, after this aggression by Turkish army and affiliated mercenaries against MMC, if demanded, we are ready to fight along Manbij Military Council against Turkish occupation.

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YPG General Command: Remaining YPG units in Manbij withdrew to east of Euphrates, join Raqqa campaign

November 16, 2016

After completing their duty of liberating the city and civilians, the Defense Units in Manbij today have withdrawn to the east of Euphrates river to join Operation Wrath of Euphrates