YPG Spokesman: We will crown 2017 with victory

Dec 31/2016

YPG Spokesman Redur Xelil answered ANF's questions regarding the 2016 practices of the YPG/YPJ (People's/Women's Defense Units) that put ISIS through a process of regression, one of the most savage organizations in human history.


30 Arab, Kurdish party and organizations show support for YPG/YPJ

Dec 29 2016

KOBANI – 30 political parties and organizations in Rojava-Northern Syria have shown their support to the YPG/YPJ fighters after visiting the military quarters of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates fighters in the front line.


Shervan Darwish: Turkish bombardment a major obstacle to the fight against terror

November 21, 2016

Official spokesperson for the Manbij Military Council said on Sunday that Turkish air strikes were an act of cowardice, and it blocked the fight against terror.


Nov. 18: Syrian Coalition-affiliated terrorist groups intensify attacks on besieged Efrin, Sheikh Maqsoud

November 18, 2016

Terrorist groups affiliated to the National Syrian Coalition increase their attacks against besieged neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo, and Efrin region, northwest Syria.


November 16: Syrian Coalition continues attacking Efrin, besieged Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo

November 16, 2016

Terrorist groups affiliated with Syrian Coalition on November 14 attacked the villages of Maranez, Eyn Deqnê, Bêlûniyê and Girê Qestelê with a variety of heavy weapons


Northern Raqqa residents return home as SDF continues operation against Daesh

November 15, 2016

The statement also ensured a safe return for the local population to their homes once the area was properly secured and cleansed of mines.


26 Daesh terrorists killed near Shadadi as Turkish army tries to sabotage Raqqa campaign

November 9, 2016

Since the start of Raqqa liberation campaign (Operation Wrath of Euphrates), Turkish army’s attacks against the People’s/Women’s Defense Units


Rojava-Northern Syria November 7 Defense Updates

November 7, 2016

Turkish army continues its relentless hostility against Rojava-Northern Syria