YPJ spokeswoman Nesrin Abdullah: We are both a peace and also a Self-Defense force

  • November 22, 2017 | Press Releases


Official spokeswoman for Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) Nesrin Abdullah issued a statement regarding the future of Syria, Idlib and the attacks against Afrin.


Abdullah said “A future plan without Kurds will not be so different from how it is now. The only way to end the ongoing crisis in the region is find a political solution to the conflicts.” Abdullah stated that a new stage of dialogue must start once ISIS is ousted, which is getting closer:


“Once ISIS completely defeated no reasons left for international powers to stay in Syria. They have to play their role for dialogue between sides if they don’t want to step aside.”


Abdullah stressed that “Turkish existence in Idlib and any parts of Syria is not legitimate. Turkey has only one goal in being in Idlib, to encircle Afrin. According to the so-called deal of de-escalation zones, there would not be armies, but small security forces to secure the area that they are responsible for. But Turkish army went and settled down in Idlib.”


Abdullah said that they are not only an anti-IS militia, but also the legitimate Self-Defense force of people. Abdullah called U.S.A. and Russia for action on Turkish aggression against Afrin and said: “Both Russia and coalition forces will be responsible for new massacres in Afrin if they keep being silent about attacks by Turkey.



YPG Press Office | November 22, 2017