YPG's message to the families of Levi Shirley, William Savage and Jordan MacTaggart

  • September 23, 2016 | Press Releases

Respected families of Levi Shirley, William Savage and Jordan MacTaggart; the honorable people of America
Since the early days of Kobane Resistance in late 2014 volunteers from all around the world have been asking to communicate us the People’s Defense Units (YPG) in Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan, in order to join our cause and contribute to the fight. But what makes young men and women from America to travel thousands of miles and fight in an almost unknown region of Syria?
Rojava has aroused as a progressive alternative among the disorder in Syria, where bodies and souls have been shattered in cities devastated by constant fighting, we have worked for the oppressed, for a true fraternity among the colorful population of the country. And that is what we share with you the honorable people of America, a strong desire for freedom. Our chief concern is to stop an enemy which has done so evil to everyone in the region and throughout the world, to reach such a goal demanded a strong struggle that went beyond nationality, language, color or religion.
Your sons came to support a people who have been oppressed and murdered by four occupying states for hundreds of years. The Kurds used to believe ‘no friends but the mountains’, yet your sons, and hundreds like them, proved where there is a struggle for universal human values, they will be there and do their share. What makes your sons’ decisions even more glorious is the importance of where they sacrificed their lives, the city of Manbij along the Turkish border, the door of terror straight towards the world outside – they died to save lives.
Once again as the General Command of the People’s Defense Units we offer our sincere condolences for your losses. Respecting the family of fallen martyrs, we thank you the proud people of America. Your sons died here in Rojava for what is right, now, thousands of our boys and girls in Rojava are as your sons and daughters, continuing the righteous path that your sons walked.
General Command of the People's Defense Units (YPG)
September 16, 2016