YPG statement on Astana talks

  • Jan 23/2017 | Press Releases

“Today, in Kazakhstan’s capital city Astana, a meeting on the Syrian crisis was held under the leadership of Russia, Turkey and Iran. As the YPG, we see that those involved in this meeting are parties with a share in the Syrian crisis which have made no contribution to a solution.

We say that the crisis in Syria will reach a solution with democratic projects, fraternity of the peoples and Democratic Autonomy.

Since we have not been invited to the Astana talks, the decisions taken there will not be binding to us in any way. The decisions to be taken are valid for the participants in the meeting.

We hope that the fighting and bloodshed in Syria will stop, and that the crisis will reach a democratic solution.”

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been excluded from the Astana talks which began in a hotel in the Kazakh capital on Monday and is expected to last two days.

The SDF stated that its exclusion was a violation to their sacrifices in the fight against ISIS, stressing that they’ve “liberated key Syrian territories from terrorist groups”.

YPG Central Command

Jan 23/2017

The PYD Co-Chair Salih Muslim noted that holding peace talks without any participation from the SDF forces cannot lead to an actual solution.