YPG releases the 2016 balance sheet of war

  • Jan 05/2017 | Press Releases

The YPG stated that 9.425 kilometres of land was liberated from ISIS in 2016.

2016 was a year of great importance for the Rojava Revolution and Syria.

“ISIS gangs ceaselessly continued their attacks during the year. In response, our forces fulfilled their defense mission along all border lines, and they joined the operation Wrath of Khabur, Elin and Cudi, Manbij and Wrath of Euphrates within the body of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Gangs affiliated to the Syrian National Coalition launched uninterrupted attacks against our forces in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood. They targeted our forces and civilians in their attacks using banned, various weapons.

In addition, the attacks of the Turkish army gradually increased during the year of 2016. Occupying Jarablus, the Turkish army entered Syrian land and carried out repeated massacres against the civilians. Many of our residents were also martyred by Turkish troops on the border. The Turkish army escalated its attacks against the positions of our forces during the last days of 2016.

The Ba’ath regime forces also conducted continued attacks against our forces and civilians, in response to which our forces carried out enduring resistance and weakened the regime in many areas.”

The YPG noted the figures of civilian casualties given in the balance sheet stands for the areas where their forces are currently present, giving the following details of the war throughout 2016:

Attacks of the regime

“The Ba’ath regime conducted two major attacks in Hesekê and Qamishlo this year. Each of these attacks resulted in three-day long-clashes. Separately, the Ba’ath regime carried out 17 attacks and targeted our cities and civilians with jets and heavy weaponry.

28 civilians were martyred and 6 others were wounded as a result of these attacks which left 134 houses and shops damaged.

Our forces retaliated and repelled all the attacks. As a result of this resistance, many locations including the strategically important Elaya Prison in Qamishlo were seized from the regime forces, in addition to Xiwêran and Neshwê neighbourhood and a larger part of the Hesekê city.

Attacks of the Turkish army

During 2016, the Turkish army violated the Rojava border and engaged in harassment and attacks 191 times, attacked the properties of civilians and positions of our forces 169 times, violated the Rojava border twice with helicopters, 7 times with UAVs and 13 times with armored vehicles.

As a result of these attacks, it has been verified that 31 civilians were martyred and 138 others were wounded. Six of our members (one YPG, 2 Asayish and 3 Erka Xwe-Parastınê) were martyred and 8 others were wounded.

The attacks also inflictrd great damage on the properties of civilians, leaving some houses completely burnt down.

Attacks of the Syrian National Coalition gangs

During 2016, Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham gangs describing themselves as the Free Army, and gangs affiliated to the Syrian National Coalition attacked villages and districts of Afrin, and Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood 284 times with mortars, handmade artillery and heavy weaponry.

Gangs targeted and attacked the civilian areas and positions of our forces in Sheikh Maqsoud with chemical weapons and poisonous gas three times. These attacks left 51 residents dead and 104 others wounded.

ISIS gangs attacks

ISIS gangs attacked Northern Syria Federation borders with mortars, missiles, planted mines, bomb-laden cars and heavy weapons 493 times. 15 civilians were martyred and 14 others were wounded as a result of these attacks.

ISIS gangs attacked the positions of our forces between Shaddadi and Abu Fas village with poisonous gas and banned weapons.

Balance sheet of the SDF operations

Within the body of the Syrian Democratic Forces, our forces participated in the operations Wrath of Khabur, Elin and Cudi, Manbij and Wrath of Euphrates.

An area of 9.425 km2 was liberated from ISIS gangs as a result of these operations. The area involves major cities like Manbij and Shaddadi, dozens of districts, 699 villages and hamlets.

4,622 gang members were killed and thousands were injured during these offensives, whilst 132 others were captured alive.

45 DShK-mounted vehicles, 203 military vehicles, 15 tanks, 15 panzers, 32 mortars and 5 Katyushas were damaged during these operations. SDF fighters also seized large qualities of ammunition.

Arms, ammunition seized

During the clashes throughout 2016, our forces seized a number of arms and military vehicles in addition to a large quantity of ammunition from enemy forces. A total of 2,574 arms were seized by our forces who also took control of numerous military vehicles, supplies, health materials and cars of the enemy.

Martyrs are our heroes

All the gains made in 2016 were attained with the blood of our martyrs. The heroes fought fearlessly against the attempts of exploitation of these lands, enabled us to live in a free land and entrusted us a mission to lead the whole revolution in Syria.

During the year of 2016, 613 brave comrades and heroes played an active role in the sprouting and growth of freedom in the lands of Kurdistan. We once again commemorate our martyred comrades with respect, and pledge all their families that our people and comrades will keep this struggle going to the very end. The strength we take from our martyrs will be the assurance of the achievements that is to be gained.”