YPG balance sheet of August 2017

  • September 3, 2017 | News

Press Release


Our Rojava defence forces - People's Defence Units (YPG) and Women's Defence Units (YPJ) led by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), ceaselessly in the struggle against ISIS within the scope of the Raqqa Liberation Campaign have also actively fought in August 2017 and disrupted the plans and aims of the enemies.


- The occupying Turkish army and Turkish-backed gangs targeted YPG/YPJ military positions, homes and fields of civilians 158 times. The Turkish army and gangs used panzers, mortars, howitzers and heavy weapons.


- Turkish warplanes and drones crossed the border of Rojava 8 times and flew over the region for exploration.


- The occupying Turkish army crossed into the border 2 times and intruded Rojava territory.


- The occupying Turkish army and allied gangs have attacked our forces 2 times.


- 7 civilians were injured due to the shellings of the occupying Turkish army.


- Due to artillery shellings of the occupying Turkish army and affiliated gangs, the properties of the civilian population were damaged, and their homes and fields were destroyed and burnt.


YPG-YPJ forces responded to these attacks in 34 instances which resulted in:


- 6 gang members of the Turkish army have been killed.


- One tank, a bomb laden vehicle, one DShK truck and an excavator belonging to the Turkish army have been destroyed. Another dredger of the occupying Turkish army and a vehicle of the gangs have been damaged.


- 2 Turkish surveillance aircrafts were downed and confiscated by our forces.


- 4 of our comrades fell as martyrs last month in Efrîn as result of the bombardments of the occupying Turkish army.


Our forces YPG-YPJ took on an active part in Raqqa's liberation operation against ISIS in August.


The main results of the operation in August are as follows:


- 65% of Raqqa has been liberated.


- SDF special units rescued nearly 2000 civilians that were held hostages by the gangs and led them to safe zones.


- 9 neighbourhoods were liberated from ISIS in August. The liberated neighbourhoods are Old Raqqa, Nazlat Shehade and Hisham bin Abdulmelik south of the city, El Kerîm north-west of Raqqa, al-Diriyah in the west, and the neighbourhoods Mehdî, el-Refqa, Mensur, Reshîd in the eastern part of the city.


- The western and eastern axis in Raqqa have met in this month.


- 1244 ISIS gang members have been killed, while dozens other gang members have been injured. 76 bodies of the gangs are in the possession of the fighters.


- 3 gang members have been captured alive.


- 28 bomb laden ISIS vehicles have been destroyed by the fighters before they could reach their destination.


- A workshop for improvised mines, a factory for the preparation of bomb-laden vehicles, 3 military vehicles, 3 DShK 12.5 and DShK 23 have been destroyed, while a drone has been shot down.


- This month our fighters seized many weapons and ammunitions. Workshops that were used for the creation of mines and mortars have also been seized by the fighters.


- 3 tunnels used by the gangs have been discovered, and special units cleared the mines in liberated regions.


During Raqqa's liberation operation in August, 101 of our fighters, including 2 YPJ fighters, fell as martyrs during the heroic struggle, and another 8 of our fighters also fell as martyrs in battles with ISIS in Shaddadi.


5 of our fighters, one YPJ fighter among them, lost their lives due to accidents, and another 3 due to illnesses.


YPG Press Center | September 3, 2017