YPG Commander: “The people of Efrîn are ready to defend the city”

  • October 25, 2017 | News

YPG Commander Mahmud Berxwedan went on a special broadcast on Ronahî TV and spoke about Efrîn.
Berxwedan said the following on the Turkish state’s real purpose with the invasion of Idlib: “The Turkish state has supported the Jabhat Al Nusra and ISIS gangs since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. They are trying to surround Efrîn with the invasions of Idlib, Jarablus and Shehba regions.”
YPG Commander stated that Turkey claimed that they invaded Idlib to stop the YPJ, YPG and SDF fighters from advancing towards the Mediterranean to legitimize the invasion.
On the Turkish state officials’ statements, Berxwedan said the Turkish state and Jabhat Al Nusra want to invade the Efrîn region and added: “Whoever enters the lands of efrin will not be able to get out. Many others attacked Efrîn before the Turkish state, and they were defeated. They want to lay siege to Efrîn, but what they don’t know is that they will fall into a ring themselves and they won’t be able to get out.”
YPG Commander said the following on where the people of Efrîn stand on the attacks of the Turkish state and the gangs: “The people of Efrîn only have the words resistance, struggle and loyalty to the land in their lexicon. Since the beginning of the Rojava revolution, the people have gathered around the martyrs and the fighters. They are ready to defend themselves against the attacks of the Turkish state and their gangs, and void all conspiracies. The people of Efrîn have a strong will, and whoever wants to enter Efrîn, they will end up like the ISIS gangs.”
Berxwedan said the following on Idlib: “The people of Idlib should know that the Turkish state is trying to void the Syrian revolution. They should be cautious of the Turkish state. We are prepared to defend the people of Idlib.”