Wrath of Euphrates fighters achievements in protecting the civilians

  • Jan 12/2017 | News

AL-RAQAH– The intensification of clashes and bad climatic conditions could not prevent SDF fighters in Wrath of Euphrates campaign from achieving the campaign goals which are protecting civilians and freeing them from ISIS domination.

With the beginning of Wrath of Euphrates campaign that aims to isolate al-Raqah city from the mercenaries of ISIS, the fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room liberated thousands of people in fighting axes. Since the beginning of the campaign, the fighters insisted on opening humanitarian passages for people by evacuating them from dangerous zones to safer areas in back lines of fighting fronts.

Any progress of the fighters is followed by liberating hundreds of people who flee from ISIS that turned the life of the civilians into pitch darkness, and Wrath of Euphrates fighters deliver people to safe areas that were liberated by SDF from ISIS’ hands.

Dozens of vehicles pass daily through the humanitarian passage that was opened by Wrath of Euphrates operation room fighters, and direct to the areas that the fighters insured for them till their villages liberation, and restore safety and security to them, where those displaced people inhabit in Ayn Issa camp that was opened since the campaign beginning by Democratic Autonomous Administration, or in some hamlets located in the back lines.REQA-KORIDORA-MIROVE2

The fighters of SDF provide for those refugees their needs of food and drink, in addition to insuring fuel and fuel stove amid the cold weather that the area witnesses.

One of the refugees stated that he fled the mercenaries of ISIS because he was despoiled and faced bad conditions by them, and he added “I am happy because I got rid of ISIS oppression. Our eyes were waiting to see SDF coming, my happiness is indescribable now.

A number of people that headed to SDF fighters to liberate their villages from the hands of ISIS expressed their happiness for getting rid of ISIS hoping the fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room to liberate their villages as soon as possible.

SDF from the beginning of the campaign assured that the aim of their campaign is redemption of al-Raqah people from the mercenaries of ISIS domination