We will raise our resistance with the spirit of Commander Karker

  • 17 March 2019 | Press Releases

Press Release


The invading Turkish state, which has continued its invasion and destruction attacks against the gains obtained by the Rojava revolution with great sacrifice at every opportunity, has brought its fascist and genocidal policies to the peak with the invasion of Afrin.


Our people and fighters have carried out a fight of resistance full of great sacrifices against these attacks of destruction and invasion using all kinds of gang structuring. Our YPG-YPJ units and SDF forces have displayed a great resistance against the invasion forces and the al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups from the first month of 2018.


This relentless fight continued for two months with the resistance spirit and the strong support of our people under the leadership of YPG-YPJ forces in Afrin. Our heroic martyrs have been the ones to carry out this magnificent and historical resistance by taking on the pioneering, imprinting it to the pages of history. Commander Karker, one of the leading commanders of the resistance with his stance, sacrifice and unprecedented labor, together with hundreds of martyr comrades who cost the Afrin resistance to all humanity and our age, has become one of the passengers of the caravan of martyrs.


Our great commander and comrade Karker Êrîş, like Avesta, Rizgar, Rosiyar, Îlan, Artêş and many hero martyrs who have become the symbols of resistance, have resisted against the invasion attacks of the fascist Turkish state and its terrorist groups. While commemorating the first anniversary of the martyrdom of commander Karker, we feel we need to emphasise that our struggle against any reactionary and fascist forces, especially the invading Turkish state, with the blood of our martyrs, has come close to the end of Daesh, the enemy of humanity and nuisance of our region. It should not be forgotten that, against all kinds of attacks against our country and our people, we will raise our resistance with the spirit of Commander Karker. On this basis, we commemorate all our martyrs who fell in the resistance of the era, especially commander Karker, and we renew our promise to bring to life the dreams of a free Kurdistan.


YPG General Command | 17 March 2019