We remember and honour our comrade Bedran Siverek

  • YPG PRESS OFFICE | September 4th 2019 | Fallen Martyrs

To the press and general public!

Comrade Bedran Siverek was martyred during an operation carried out by our forces against ISIS sleeper-cells in the Deir Ezzor region on August 28th 2019.

Comrade Bedran was born into a patriotic family. In a time where Rojava was under attack he joined our ranks. Comrade Bedran sacrificed himself for the struggle and for the people with core hardworking values. Since day one after joining the struggle, he took his responsibilities with pride, honour and great deal of seriousness. He quickly became a resistance fighter of the struggle.

The identity of our martyr is as follows:

Nom de guerre: Bedran Siverek

Name by birth: Mehmet Sariso

Mothers Name: Adalet

Fathers Name: Mehmet Ali

Place and date of martyrdom: Deir Ezzor | August 28th 2019

We remember and honour Comrade Bedran Siverek and all our heroic martyrs and offer our condolences to his family and all of our people.

YPG PRESS OFFICE | September 4th 2019