We condemn the attack on a hospital in Afrin

  • June 14, 2021 | Press Releases

We condemn the attack on a hospital in Afrin

On June 12, a hospital in occupied Afrin came under a vicious attack that caused lose of innocent civilians lives. Following the attack, Turkish president Erdogan blamed our forces of being behind the attack, stating unfounded claims. The Turkish government which is involved in or directly responsible for countless terrorist activities inside and outside of its borders, and especially Syria, cannot accuse our forces of such activities. Erdogan's government which is trying to portray itself as the defender of civilians in northern Syria and elsewhere is carrying out all forms of terrorist attacks against civilians.


People's Defense Units unreservedly condemns this attack on a hospital. Our forces has never targeted civilians and we are firmly opposed to any military method risking civilian lives and infrastructure in conflict zones. We have been waging a great struggle against invasion and terrorism inflicted on civilians by Turkish government itself in Syria over the course of years. We once again affirm that protecting civilians will remain our priority in any conflict at all costs, just as it has been since the beginning of our struggle.


YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mahmoud

June 14, 2021