We commemorate our two martyrs of the resistance of the age

  • YPG PRESS OFFICE 12 / March / 2020 | Fallen Martyrs

To the press and public opinion

Our comrades Êrîş  Afrin and Gîvara Afrin fought and martyred in the resistance of the age against  the occupation and genocide caused by the Turkish army.

Our comrade Êrîş Afrin was born in a patriotic family in Afrin. He felt the impact of the revolution of freedom closely and involved to all ranks of revolution. In a short time, he improved himself, defended his struggling personality and built his own personality. Comrade Êrîş turned his anger towards the enemy into a great power and until the last moment, he didn’t step back from his struggle and walked persistently.

Our comrade Gîvara Afrin was born and raised in a patriotic family in Afrin. Known for his courageous, hardworking, and sacrificial qualities. He made an impact in every aspect of life. The experiences he gained in the ranks of freedom promoted him a warlike personal. He proved his loyalty and belief in the revolution with his struggle.

The identities of our martyred comrades are as follows

Nom de guerre: Êrîş Afrin

Name by birth: Khalil Osman

Mother's Name: Zeynep

Father's name: Ali

Place of Birth: Afrin

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Afrin Doqa Mezin Village | 22 March 2018

Nom de guerre: Gîvara Afrin

Name by birth: Ibrahim Ismail

Mother's Name: Rushin

Father's name: Muhammad Nouri

Place of Birth: Afrin

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Afrin- Raco Kevirê Ker | 19 March 2018

We commemorate our martyrs Êrîş Afrin and Gîvara Afrin and all the martyrs of the freedom and democracy revolution with respect and honor. We offer condolences to both their martyred families and all of our people.

YPG PRESS OFFICE   12 / March / 2020