We commemorate our comrade Diyar Afrin who reached martyrdom in Aleppo.

  • YPG Press Office | February 16th 2020 | Fallen Martyrs

To the press and general public!

Our comrade, Diyar Afrin, reached martyrdom when he was performing his duties in Aleppo on February 13th as a result of an illness.

Comrade Diyar Afrin was born and raised in Afrin by a patriotic family. He was inspired by the historical Afrin resistance and joined the ranks of the freedom-revolution with great strength. Comrade Diyar had a modest attitude and a hardworking personality and was always showing the attitude of a vanguard in his struggle.

The identity of our martyred comrade is as follows:

Nom de guerre: Diyar Afrin

Name by birth: Ahmed Kadro

Mother’s name: Elif

Father’s name: Khalil

Place of birth: Afrin

Place and date of martyrdom: Aleppo / February 13th 2020

On behalf of comrade Diyar Afrin we commemorate all heroic martyrs. We offer our sincere condolences to the family of our martyr and all of our people.

YPG Press Office | February 16th 2020