Two refugee children died of hunger and disease in Tabqa

  • August 28, 2017 | News

International relief organisations have their eyes closed and are still ignoring the dire conditions of 400 thousand IDPs in Tabqa city and its villages, who are living in rough conditions, and do not provide any humanitarian aid whatsoever.
During the month of August, 4 refugees fell sick due to hunger and lost their lives while receiving treatment at the Wetenî Hospital in Tabqa.
Most of the refugees settled in and around Tabqa are those from Meskenê region east of Aleppo, who fled the bombardments of the Ba’ath regime. Others are civilians that took refuge in Tabqa after fleeing the atrocity of the invading Turkish army and allied gangs in Jarablus, Azaz and al-Bab.
Many refugees caught various contagious diseases due to poor conditions they are living in, lack of medical care and treatment. Tabqa Civilian Council cannot provide the necessary aid for the refugees due to restricted means.
The situation will get even more critical for the refugees should international organisations continue to turn a blind eye.
Xedice El-Eli is one of the refugees who fled from the area of Dibsî in Meskenê due to the attacks of the regime forces. Xedice El-Eli lost her twin daughters Asiya Ibrahim EL-Ewad (12) and Alaa Ibrahim EL-Ewadcewi due to hunger and disease.
Xedice El-Eli spoke about the matter and said: "What have I done to see my children die of hunger? What have I done that my children become paralysed because of hunger?"
The mother cried: "There is no place left I did not ask for aid yet, but I got no help at all."
The woman cried that she was mother to seven children before her two kids died, saying: "Both of my children died in front of my eyes, where shall I go to and keep my family with me? My 8 years old daughter became paralysed due to the bombardments of the regime’s warplanes and my 6 years old daughter lost her hearing.”
The voice of mother Xedice was rising as she shouted once more: "My daughter died, my daughter died, died, died...", storming off the room and and bewailing the silence of international organisations.
Xedîce and her children are struggling for their life in the Urûba school in Tabqa city center.
Source: ANF