Turkish military attacks against Rojava (15-16 February 2017)

  • February 16, 2017 | News

To the Press and Public Opinion:
The Turkish army and the gangs operating under the command of the Turkish army continue their attacks and violations against the territory of Rojava.
Attacks by the Turkish army and its gangs, held as follows;
On February 15, reconnaissance aircraft of the Turkish military flew over the villages of Xanê, Susik and Girê Sor in western Kobanê.
At the same time Turkish soldiers attacked the village Esafa, Susik and Til Findir in eastern Kobanê with heavy weapons.
The same day, gangs acting under the command of the Turkish army with artillery shells and mortars attacked Sheikh Issa village in the Shahba region. 
During the hours of the night on the same day the gangs attacked the villages of Maranaz and Eyn Deqnê in Afrin with Dushka weapons. 
On February 16, today, with artillery, mortars and antiaircraft weapons, gangs attacked the village of Eyn Deqnê.
YPG Press Center | February 16, 2017