Turkish army and affiliated gangs’ attacks on Rojava: 5 gangs killed

  • June 1, 2017 | News

To the Media and Public Opinion
CIZÎRE, Rojava (June 1, 2017) – Turkish army and gangs affiliated to them continue attacking Rojava territory. Most recently, Turkish army and gangs operating under their command have targeted Efrin and Kobane areas, as their aerial movements have increased there.
These aggression and violations in the past 5 days are as it follows:
On May 27, groups of gangs operating under Turkish army’s command, using mortars and hell cannons, targeted several positions near the village of Celemê in Efrin’s Cindirêsê district. Also the gangs randomly attacked Efrin’s Maranez, Eyn Deqnê and Belûnê villages with heavy artillery.
On May 28, Turkish fighter planes and drones violated Rojava’s airspace in western Kobane. On the same day Turkish army-affiliated gangs, positioned in Lower Jarabulus, used heavy weapons to target Kobane’s Sheikhler district in eastern bank of the Euphrates River.
On May 29, 5 gang elements affiliated to Turkish army who attempted to attack our units’ positions near Efrin’s Bêlûniyê village, were spoted by our forces – clashes erupted in the noted area, as result 2 attackers were killed, one injured and the remaining were forced to flee.
Similarly, Turkish-led gangs tried another attempt against Derbelût village and hill Dewa in Efrin’s Cindirêsê district by attacking with mortars and katyusha rockets. The attacks resulted in burning of 4 hectares of agricultural lands of civilians. Our forces immediately responded to the attack, the attackers’ casualties are yet to be confirmed. Furthermore, Turkish gangs attacked Basufan village with mortars in Efrin’s Şêrewa district. Another attack near Îska village in Efrin’s Cindirêsê district was repelled by our forces, where 3 attackers were confirmed killed.
On May 30, a Turkish soldier deliberately fired at a combine harvester belonging to a civilian from Koran village in eastern Kobane. Our forces directly responded to the attack, yet there were no immediate information on possible casualties.
On the same day near Efrin, Turkish army-related gangs targeted Îska and Celemê areas in Efrin’s Cindirêsê district. They faced a quick response from our forces, further details are yet to be confirmed.

YPG Press Office | June 1, 2017