Turkish, FSA shelling kills mother and two children, critically injures 7 in Shahba region

  • July 4, 2017 | News

Indiscriminate shelling by Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army militants under Ankara's command in Rojava-Northern Syria's Shahba countryside resulted in the death of 3 civilians, a mother and her two children, on Monday night.
Shelling and gunfire by Turkish-FSA troops continued throughout the weekend as Ankara threatened to invade the Kurdish-led Afrin canton and adjoining Shehba region.
Images and videos show the dead bodies of 3 civilians and 7 critically injured in the Kafar Anton village in the Shehba region on the outskirts of Afrin. The people were all from the same family.
Xezale Ehmed Yûsiv (47), Miawiye Hikmet Yusiv (14), and Tebarek Hikmet Yusiv (12) were killed in the extensive shelling.
Renda Yusiv (24), Fîdaa Yusiv (19), Fîdaa Aya (1, daughter of Fidaa Yusiv), Xensaa Yusiv (16) and Emîra Yusiv (12) were injured.
Kurdish politicians have accused Turkey of continuing its anti-Kurdish policy across the region and have said attempts to invade Shehba and Afrin, which have at least a 1.5 million population will damage the Kurdish-led SDF's fighting against ISIS in Raqqa and spread war and instability in the area.