Turkey-backed terrorists ambushed by our forces at various locations in Afrin

  • September 2, 2018 | Press Releases


As part of the enduring resistance against the illegitimate presence of occupying forces in Afrin and the atrocities committed by them against the people, our units continue to carry out operations targeting Turkish invasion army and its allied jihadist groups.


1.    On August 30th, between the villages of Qatma and Qastal Jindou of Afrin’s Shara district, a group of mercenaries belonging to the Asafat al-Shimal brigade were ambushed by our fighters.  Several of them were killed, while the number of the casualties couldn’t be determined.

2.    On August 31th, another group of the terrorists carrying out combing operations were ambushed by our forces in the village of Bashamrah of Afrin’s Sherawa district. As a result, death of 3 mercenaries and wounding of 3 others were confirmed.

3.    On September 1, our forces carried out an effective operattion targeting a joint patrol of Turkish troops and terrorists allied with them in Afrin city centre. As result of the operation 3 mercenaries have been confirmed dead while 3 others have been heavily injured.


YPG Press Office | September 2, 2018