Three foreign ISIS terrorists, Turkish, German and Canadian, captured as a result of special operation

  • October 8, 2018 | Press Releases

To the press and the public!


Our struggle against the ISIS terrorist organization that commited atrocities from Europe to Asia and Middle East, continues. The operations successfully completed in Kobane and Jazeera cantons and the last phase of the Jazeera Storm military campaign that nowadays is taking place in the region of Deir ez-Zor are the most clear historical evidences of this struggle. Today, our war of resistance that continues in Rojava and Northern Syria, with the addvances that it achieves at steady pace, has become the hope for humanity. This struggle, which will guarantee the future of the peoples in the whole region of the Middle East and Kurdistan, continues to gain more and more significant victories.


The ISIS terrorist organization, which has its roots in all kinds of reactionary mentality, has been joined by many people from European countries and had the opportunity to organize in many countries. In particular, the sleeper cells had been activated and prepared to carry out the massacres across Rojava and Northern Syria. As YPG and YPJ forces, we had carried out successful operations against these cells we announced it to the public several times. In this context, 3 ISIS terrorists from Turkey, Canada and Germany have been captured as a result of special operations conducted by our Anti-Terror Units (YAT).


-The terrorist named Dirk Richard Pleil, German national who crossed Turkish-Syrian border in 2015 and joined ISIS, has been working within the ranks of the organization as a doctor-prosthetist but at times has been also directly involved in atrocities committed by the terrorist organization.


-The terrorist named Mohammad Ali, who is a Canadian citizen, was a one of the ISIS number-one snipers. He trained thousands of terrorists in Hasakah, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor and participated himself in dozens of criminal acts. He also was able to cross to Syria from Turkey without any hindrance. Thousands of others ISIS members like him also confessed that that the Turkish state allowed them to cross its borders without any inconvenience. In Syria, he was known as Abu Turab al-Kanadi and via his social media accounts he was encouraging people to join ISIS. In 2014, following the atrocious attacks that led to the deaths of Canadian soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa, again using his social media accounts, he called for increasing terrorist assaults, declaring that civilians or security personal should be killed as “infidels”. He stated that those who want to join the ISIS, should go to Turkey and contact him from there. It is known that he help whole group from Toronto cross to Syria via Turkey and join ISIS.


-The terrorist Ergün Orhan is a Turkish national born in Germany who after contacting the ISIS through social media, crossed to Syria from Turkey in 2015 and joined the organization. He was active in Jarablus and Raqqa.


These terrorists who were captured by our forces, have came to Syria to join ISIS thanks to Turkish help, they had confessed it themselves. We know that many members of the group who committed inhuman crimes are organized into small cells in many regions and prepared to carry out massacres at the first opportunity We would like to point out that these cells, which want to perpetuate attacks, are rendered ineffective before even taking action as a result of special operations conducted by our forces. We have announced to the public that many of the Middle East and European nationals have been arrested and many of them have been rendered ineffective. We are determined to continue our struggle successfully and its results will be announced to our people and to the public.


YPG Press Office | October 11, 2018