Three Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Afrin

  • October 13, 2018 | Press Releases

To the press and the public!


Within the scope of the second phase of the Resistance of the Age in occupied Afrin, our forces continue to carry out military operations against the invader Turkish army and its mercenary allies. On 11 and 12 of October, our units carried out two successful actions, one in the Khezawiye village near Afrin city and another in the Nebi Houri castle area, in Afrin’s Shera district. Details are as follows:


1.On October 11th, our unit carried out a sniper action targeting an official in charge of the checkpoint set up by the invader Turkish army and its mercenaries in the Khezawiye village, located near to Afrin city. As a result, a terrorist of the Sham Legion (Faylaq al-Sham) named Maher Ibrahim, originally from Idlib, was killed.


2.On October 12th, one of our units ambushed the mercenaries of the Hamza Division in the Nebi Houri castle area of Afrin’s Shera district. As a result, two terrorists were killed. They were identified as Mohammed Alawi from Homs and Abeed Ahmed from Idlib.


YPG Press Office | October 13, 2018