Three Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Afrin

  • September 28, 2018 | Press Releases


Within the scope of the second phase of the Resistance of the Age in occupied Afrin, our forces carried out a series of successful operations in Afrin’s Shera, Jindereseand Bilbile districts, targeting the mercenary allies of the invader Turkish state.


On September 26th, our units ambushed the mercenaries of the Sham Front (Jabhat al-Shamiya)on the road between the villages of Merymin and Kafr Jana in Shera district. As a result, a terrorist named Muhammad Bakur was killed.


On the same day, our units ambushed a mercenary of the Ahrar al-Sham in the village of Diwa of Afrin’s Jinderese district. As a result, the terrorist named Abu Muri was killed.


In the third action that our fighters had carried out that same day, another group of mercenaries was targeted in Bilbile district. As a result, a terrorist Muhammad Rashid Ezzazi, who worked as a translator between the invader Turkish army and its mercenary allies, was killed.



YPG Press Office | September 28, 2018