The results of resistance for August 2018 - YPG and YPJ

  • September 3, 2018 | Press Releases

To the press and the public!


Throughout the month of August, our forces in Rojava and Northern Syria have fulfilled their responsibilities at the time and place where it had been deemed necessary to defend the territory, the people and the achievements of the revolution. In addition, our YPG and YPJ forces continued their successful operations against the occupying Turkish state. Accordingly, the results of our resistance in August are following:


1. Our forces have conducted 18 actions of different types against the occupying Turkish state and its mercenary allies. The result of acts of sabotage, assassination, confiscation and ambush:


- 50 mercenaries (including 2 high commanders) and 7 soldiers of the Turkish invasion army were killed

-  40 mercenaries and soldiers of the Turkish invasion army were wounded

-  5 AK-47s, 2 guns and a certain number of military documents documents were seized

- 4 military vehicles and 3 motorcycles were destroyed and also 2 military vehicles were attacked

Besides that, the result of one of our actions has not been clarified.


2. The Turkish invasion army, with the support of unmanned aerial aircraft (UAV) and thousands of mercenaries, conducted 4 large-scale combing and search operations in the Afrin region. All of their operations were called off after short time and didn’t bring any results.


3. On two occasions, the Turkish invasion army violated the Rojava border and directly targeted civilians in the Serekaniye region. As a result, two civilians were injured by the occupying Turkish army. Our forces responded instantly to the attacks of the invaders.


4. In August, six of our comrades in total were martyred. Two comrades were martyred in the resistance against the invaders at Efrin, and 4 comrades from accidents and heart attacks.


As YPG and YPJ forces, we will continue our effective struggle and actions, especially against the Turkish invasion army but also against all those who attack our revolutionary achievements that has been created with great cost.


YPG Press Office | September 3, 2018