The invader Turkish state tries to cover up with lies the blows that it receives

  • September 15, 2018 | Press Releases

To the press and the public!


The invader Turkish state that has suffered heavy blows by our fighters in Afrin, uses lies and distortions of reality and spreads unfounded information.


Last days, some of the Turkish media outlets claimed that nine YPG members involved in killings of Turkish soldiers were captured by Turkish secret services (MIT) in Afrin.


This allegation is completely fabricated and unfounded. The purpose of spreading such a “news” is propaganda warfare. In this way, the invader Turkish state tries to make higher the moral of its soldiers and its mercenary allies after the heavy blows which were inflicted on them by our fighters. It tries as well to create the impression of having whole Afrin region under its control. It is well known that recently, due to successful operations carried out by our fighters, many members of various mercenary fractions had deserted and fled.


It is also worth drawing attention to the fact that the invader Turkish state had already kidnapped many of ordinary Afrin citizens in order to present them as our members. 


We assure the public that such attempts are futile. This will be the reason to intensify our actions even more and spread them across whole region of Afrin.



YPG Press Office | September 15, 2018