The chief financial-officer of the ISIS sleeper cells has been arrested

  • YPG PRESS OFFICE | September 2nd 2019 | Press Releases

Our forces continue to carry out raids and operations against ISIS and other terrorist groups. The raids and operations that have been carried out in the region until now, has seen a large amount of terrorists been arrested and many attacks have been foiled before being carried out. In this regard, after a long time technical and physical surveillance, our Counter Terrorist Units carried out an operation against an ISIS sleeper cell on September 1st in the Deir Ezzor region. In the operation which was carried out against a number of ISIS commanders, the chief financial officer of the terrorists in the region, by the name of Mohammed Remedan Eyd al-Talah was arrested. A number of weapons, armament and organizational documents as well as stacks of money was seized during the operation.


The following was seized and confiscated in the operation:


2 Mosin-Nagant weapons

2 AKS-74U weapons

2 Hunting weapons


1 Glock

Military clothes

2 Telephones

1 AK-47

And miscellaneous armament


YPG PRESS OFFICE | September 2nd 2019