The Rojava Revoultion is the revolution of all the peoples of the world

  • 11 July 2017 | Fallen Martyrs

The offensive to liberate Raqqa is continuing at full speed. So far, we have dealt heavy blows to Daesh’ (ISIS) fascism and continue doing this. We are engaged in an intensive fight against Daesh gangs in what is the final battle in eradicating them. YPG and YPJ fighters have been at the forefront of the fight against Daesh’ fascism since the first day, gaining unimaginable victories and creating a revolution that has impacted the whole world. Foremostly Kurds, then the peoples of the region and after the Kobanê resistance, hundreds of young individuals from across the world, joined the struggle and revolution to make it a global phenomenon.


Revolutionaries struggling for the freedom of humanity in their own countries have, since the Rojava revolution began, been flocking here to join a revolution they see as the hope of humanity. Joining the fight at the front lines, internationalist fighters who have been martyred, have gifted the Rojava revolution to all the world’s nations. Six of the martyrs who were fighting Daesh’ fascism at the front in Raqqa, were internationalist volunteers. Comrades Demhat, Rodi and Soro, like all their other comrades, joined the fight to end Daesh’ barbarity and sacrificed themselves for a common and free life for all peoples.


Another of our comrades, Dilşêr, was also martyred in an accident in Kobanê.


As the YPG, we renew our vows to our comrades and promise that we will stay true to their memories and crown the revolution with victory. We also promise our internationalist martyrs that we will continue this revolution until all of humanity is free. Our people will also never forget and stay true to the martyrs who came here and who accepted Rojava as their homeland and its people as their own people and fought for them.


The details of our martyrs:



Nom de guerre: Demhat Goldman

Name Surname: Robert Grodt

Mother’s name: Tammy

Father’s name: Wayne

Place of birth: California

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa / 6 July 2017



Nom de guerre: Dilşêr Zap

Name Surname: Nuredîn Yunis

Mother’s name: Bêrîvan

Father’s name: Loqman

Place of birth: Reqqa

Place and date of martyrdom: Kobanê / 3 July 2017



Nom de guerre: Lorens Amed

Name Surname: Malik El Elî

Mother’s name: Fatma

Father’s name: Fayiz

Place of birth: Hesekê

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa / 6 July 2017



Nom de guerre: Murad Til Temir

Name Surname: Casim El Salih

Mother’s name: Sebha

Father’s name: Taha

Place of birth: Til Temir

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa / 29 June 2017



Kod Adı: Rodî Deysie

Adı Soyadı: Nicholas Warden

Mother’s name: Dawn Hall

Father’s name: Mark

Place of birth: Fort Stewart / Georgia

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa / 5 July 2017



Nom de guerre: Şoreş Cudî

Name Surname: Edhem Mehmûd

Mother’s name: Emîna

Father’s name: Nebo

Place of birth: Serêkaniyê

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa / 7 July 2017



Nom de guerre: Soro Zinar

Name Surname: Luke Rutter

Mother’s name: Caroline

Father’s name: Andre

Place of birth: Birkenhead

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa / 5 July 2017


YPG Press Office | 11 July 2017