Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Statement: Tabqah Liberation (May 12, 2017)

  • May 12, 2017 | Press Releases

The operation to liberate Tabqa town was launched on March 21 in partnership with our forces and the International Coalition forces. With an extensive and careful planning, our forces crossed to the east of the dam. In this way, the two axes of the operation joined together in the Tabqa Military Airport, the first phase started and the town was surrounded.
In the second phase of the operation, our forces entered the town from three sides and broke the line of defense, trapping the gangs inside the structure of the Euphrates Dam and surrounding villages. Our enemy used civilians as human shields each time, and our forces continued with care and caution. This prevented the operation from advancing quicker. Days later, our fighters were able to separate the enemy from the civilians and that demoralized them. Many terrorists surrendered to our forces.
The operation to liberate Tabqa town has shown once more that the ISIS gangs can’t hold up in the face of the heroic resistance by Syrian Democratic Forces. Many of them surrendered in desperation, and many others were captured by our forces as they tried to hide among civilians and protect themselves in the dam administration building. The gang members’ attempts to hide among civilians all failed. This shows how craven they are and that they will try everything to protect themselves.
On May 10, we cleared the Tabqa town and the Euphrates Dam completely of gangs and saved the civilians in the area.
For this, we are thankful to the honorable people of Tabqa for standing with our fighters during the liberation of the town, and we call on the youth of the region to join our forces, organize themselves and defend their region.
We would also like to thank the International Coalition forces for their strong participation in the operation to liberate Tabqa.
We are announcing to the public that after the remnants of the operation and the landmines are cleared from the town, we will turn over Tabqa town administration to the Tabqa Civilian Assembly and security services will be provided by the defense units under the assembly.
The institution of the Dam of Euphrates is a national institution for Syria, and we announce that the institution will serve all of Syrian territory.
We salute the heroic martyrs of the Tabqa operation and dedicate the victory to the martyrs of Tabqa and Qereçox, and all freedom fighters.
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
Wrath of Euphrates Operations Room
May 12, 2017