Successful actions in Afrin city center and countryside

  • September 4, 2018 | Press Releases


Within the second phase of the Resistance of the Age in occupied Afrin, a series of operations conducted by our forces killed a number mercenary allies of Turkish invasion army. The details concerning the actions that had been carried out at Afrin city center, its surroundings and the countryside of Afrin’s Sherawa district are as follows:


1. On Monday, September 3rd, our forces conducted an operation against the military base of the Levant Front (Jabhat al-Shamiya) situated in Khalta village, near to the city of Afrin. As a result of fight at close range that continued during long time, the mercenary base was completely destroyed. Six mercenaries were killed, while the number of wounded could not be clarified. 


2. On that same night, our forces set up an ambush on the round leading to Tirinde village, situated in the Afrin city surroundings. The operation targeted the military vehicle belonging to the al-Sham Front mercenary fraction that arrived in the area for reinforcement purposes. As a result of this action, the vehicle had been destroyed, while 5 mercenaries, including a commander, were killed.


3. At the same time, our units targeted another military vehicle on the road between Gobele and Basile villages in the Afrin’s Sherawa district. As result of the operation 4 mercenaries were killed. 


As a result of these actions, 15 mercenaries, including the 23rd Division’s commander Ahmed Semir Brier, were killed and dozens of others were wounded. In the aftermath of our operations, intensified movement of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of the Turkish invasion army had been observed in the area. Also, the Turkish invasion army was firing around in a disorderly way.


Our units have safely reached their bases after conducting the operations.  


YPG Press Office | September 4, 2018