Statement for Istiklal Street explosion

  • 14-11-2022 | Press Releases

To the public opinion 

Yesterday, the city of Istanbul witnessed a terrorist explosion in the middle of Istiklal Street, killing unarmed civilians. The government of the AK Party and the Nationalist Movement Party immediately pointed fingers at our forces and started spinning a fictional and unrealistic scenario to prove their false claim.

We categorically deny any link to Ahlam al-Bashir, the perpetrator of the terrorist attack.

The world has become adequately aware of the way our forces fight and defend the rights of our people, fight terrorism and denounce any operations targeting civilians.

Our forces' work is based on democracy, women's and human rights, and the fight against terrorism and dictatorships.

The statement claiming that the attacker, Ahlam al-Bashir, entered the Turkish territory coming from the Turkish-occupied Afrin, which has been entirely under the control of the Turkish intelligence of the AK Party, Nationalist Movement Party, and Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda) since 2018, confirms that this play was prepared by the government of the AK Party and Erdogan that suffering because of the upcoming elections next year.

Before heading to Indonesia to participate in the G20 summit, Erdogan is trying to find a reason to convince the world, obtaining international approval to launch an attack on the Rojava regions and NE Syria, to be (this attack) his survival card in the upcoming elections.

At a time, women in our forces are achieving heroic achievements in the fight against ISIS terrorism and are clearly influencing, by the slogan "Women, Life, Freedom - Jin, Jiyane, Azadi," the women's revolution in Iran, Afghanistan, and the world.

That was an obvious concern for Erdogan's government and the AK Party, so they started practicing slander, lies, and making plays to save their interests at the expense of the freedom of their people and stability in the Middle East.

However, we affirm to our people and the world that we are committed to the values of our people and our revolution, and we will always struggle against dictatorships and terrorism.

YPG Spokesperson

Nouri Mahmoud