SDF declares 3rd phase of Raqqa liberation campaign, Operation Wrath of Euphrates

  • February 4, 2017 | Press Releases

Meanwhile the military operations are continuing in the western countryside of al-Raqqa for liberating what remained from its Daesh (ISIS)-held space, we declare the beginning of al-Raqqa countryside and city liberation third phase campaign that aims for liberating the eastern countryside of the city and rescuing our people from Daesh terrorists and their fierce practices that increase as their ending approaches particularly that we are massively supported by our proud people including different component and the increasing aid of the global coalition forces as they are securing advance of our forces by aerial coverage and also the help special forces provide to our forces on the ground with the blessing with sheikhs and tribal notables, completion of the military campaign will be our major concern now in this stage.
This phase of Wrath of Euphrates campaign would be continued with all the military factions that participated in the previous stages in addition to a huge number of youths from the areas recently liberated, and military factions recently formed by locals during the wars led by Wrath of Euphrates operation room after they have been trained and armed by the aid and support of the global coalition forces to fight Daesh.
At this decisive war of al-Raqqa and its countryside liberation, we call our people to get away from the terrorists’ positions, and aid our forces as they reach their areas, in addition to that, people should be taking shelter in our military units advancing and resort to safe regions under our forces control. Moreover, we call our free men and women of al-Raqqa to join our forces to complete liberating their areas.
General Command of Wrath of Euphrates Operations Room
February 4, 2017