SDF calls opposition to act in accordance with humanitarian principles

  • November 3, 2016 | Press Releases

To the press and public opinion


We, the Syrian Democratic Forces have waged the war against the terrorist organisation DAESH from the day of setting up our forces until today on all front lines and places we liberated in accordance with the international laws and customs of war and human rights. As well we defended the property and belongings of our citizens, we defended them and their rights. We believe in our ability to provide justice and security. To follow the aims and principles our forces were founded on we have to liberate all the different ethnicities, religious groups and people in Syria from the barbarity of terror and terrorists.


Our great concern is about the defense of Syrian civilians. We call all armed opposition forces believing in human rights and democracy to act in accordance with all the laws and customs to defend civilians which were signed by the Syrian Democratic Forces. These laws and customs are:


1- Without making differences to provide and facilitate humanitarian aid to all areas. To respect and defend humanitarian and medical aid workers. Regardless of their race or religion to allow to provide basic humanitarian services to everyone, also refugees.


2- To respect and protect schools, hospitals, holy places, cultural heritage and all civilian objects.


3- To allow civilians to evacuate to safe places when there are concerns about their security. Expulsion is illegal except the forced evacuation of residents for their own security or military needs.


4- All forms of sexual violence are illegal. The military use of children (persons under the age of 18) is illegal.


5- To respect the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution to ensure the protection of civilians during military actions.


6- To protect most endangered persons, in particular children, women, old and disabled persons.


7- Not to use illegal weapons and to ensure the use of weapons with a sense of responsibility (for exemple land mines and self-detonating explosive devices).


8- Field executions are illegal.


9- To respect the rule of law and to ensure fair trials by taking all necessary measures for an independent and impartial judiciary including the option to review and reverse prior decisions and sentences.


10- To respect prisoner rights according to international humanitarian law and international human rights in correspondence with our religions and traditions. All forms of torture, violence, abuse, insult and disrespecting the human dignity of prisoners are illegal. Using these methods to extort information or working with such methods to force prisoners to act are illegal.


With this statement we want to express again our commitment to these humanitarian principles. To alleviate the devastating and indiscriminating war that the terrorist and enemys of humanity have forced on us like the people of Syria we call all on all the other parties involved in the war in Syria to obey these priciples and their implementation on field.



General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

November 3, 2016