SDF broke through the first defense lines of ISIS

  • September 13, 2018 | Press Releases


After the Syrian Democratic Forces issued an official statement announcing the start of military offensive to defeat terrorism, which is culmination of the Jazeera Storm operation and targets the last strongholds of the ISIS terrorists, located in the region of Hajin, the attack was launched.


On September 10th, the SDF began to advance from 4 different fronts towards the areas controlled by the ISIS terrorist organization such an as Hajin, al-Susa, al-Shafa and the neighboring villages. The first days of the operation there were violent clashes on the al-Baghuz Fawkani front. The SDF was able to break through the first line of the ISIS defenses and advance about 3 km. In this area, a number of military points of the terrorists was destroyed. On the al-Kasrah axis, the SDF had advanced about 6 km within the first two days.


The SDF fighter Abu Fahad, originally from Deir ez-Zour, had affirmed that the primary goal is to liberate Hajin and al-Susa and free them of the ISIS terrorists. In such a way, terrorism will be eliminated in whole Deir ez-Zour region. Abu Fahad also experienced the pain and suffering from the hands of the terrorists, have seen the killings, hardships and hunger and said how inspired he feels that the end will be put to pain and oppression and the terrorism in Syria.


As the operation was starting, the SDF fighter who was preparing himself before the battle, talked about the set-backsand collapse under which the ISIS mercenaries are livingand said that theyare receiving heavy blows from the SDF fighters.


The Hajin region was one of the first places controlled by the ISIS terrorists, it was their principal base for launching attacks. Nowadays, after the defeats inflicted on them by the SDF fighters, it became their last stronghold.


YPG Press Office | September 13, 2018