SDF General Command: Suwar region liberated from ISIS, SDF continue to progress

  • September 28, 2017 | Press Releases

The Cizire Storm Campaign has today entered a new phase, and has activated four operational axes for the liberation of all Cizire region.
Axis one has been operating in Cezrat village, advanced 20 kilometers. There, in the village of Kebir, in our forces’ resistance against a suicide attack by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists five of our comrades were martyred in action. Syrian Democratic Forces continue to progress in the noted village.
In the second axis our forces have managed to clean all of the industrial area from terrorists’ IEDs.
In the third axis, the Suwar region and Sed village have been fully liberated from Daesh, mine clearing actions ongoing there.
Finally, at the forth axis, starting from Sinad and Inad villages, SDF forces were able to secure 25 kilometers of progress towards Markadah area and liberate Bir Nifakh village. Bodies of 5 terrorists along with a weapons cache was discovered by our forces. Combatants are advancing towards Markadah with the objective of liberating the area along with Khabur villages.
Syrian Democratic Forces General Command
September 28, 2017