SDF Commander: The siege has been tightened in Raqqa

  • October 11, 2017 | News

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Commander Rojda Felat spoke to YPG Press Office about their enhanced efforts to rescue the civilians in Raqqa city center during the recent days.
Remarking that the last week has been a revenge operation against ISIS attacks in late September, SDF Commander said they are working to liberate the remaining of the population now.
“The situation is dire, there is an urgent need for critical supplies like food and water”, Felat said, recalling that more than a thousand people have been rescued out of Raqqa in the past couple of days.
“The siege has been tightened, and we do not favor damage to those still inside. We are focused on their security, to save them from ISIS and announce Raqqa’s liberation”, she added.