Sîpan Hemo: An attack on our forces is support for ISIS

  • September 16, 2017 | News

Russian and Syrian regime jets bombed SDF and Deir ez-Zor Military Council positions to the east of the Euphrates River this morning, wounding 6 fighters.
The first response to the attacks came from YPG General Commander Sîpan Hemo, who spoke to the ANHA and said the attacks were made to create breathing room for ISIS gangs who have been hit hard by the SDF fighters and have been defeated. Hemo continued: “As general commands of the YPG and the SDF we have made countless declarations calling for support in the fight against ISIS. We have achieved many gains to this end, and the whole world witnessed it.”
Hemo said at a time when YPG and SDF forces have defeated ISIS in many areas, some forces are trying to prevent the Operation Cizire Storm to delay the defeat of ISIS gangs.
Hemo called on Russia to clarify their stance: “We are fighting against ISIS. Russia and the Syrian regime are bombing our positions. We want Russia to explain why they are bombing our positions. Are Russia and the regime partners with ISIS and are they helping them? Whatever the case, our forces will rescue the east of the Euphrates and the villages of Deir ez-Zor from ISIS gangs. This is a duty on our shoulders. The whole world should know this. We have told all the international forces, the International Coalition and the Russian administration that we are going to liberate these areas.”
YPG General Commander Sîpan Hemo said their forces are ready to retaliate and attacks on their forces constitutes support for ISIS gangs. Hemo concluded his speech with: “Through your agency, we are stressing that we will liberate these areas, and we will rescue the people from ISIS tyranny and oppression. We will retaliate all forces attacking our forces and hindering our advance. Attacks against our forces constitute support for ISIS and they are done to prolong ISIS’ life.”