Russian woman rescued by YPG was handed over to Russian officials

  • December 26, 2017 | News



Amisbula Hamisbiyeva Danuyevna, a law graduate who joined Islamic State with her family in 2014 was rescued by People’s Defense Units (YPG).


Danuyevna and her children were rescued by YPG as attempting flee IS and were handed to Russian military offocials in Joint Center for Reconciliation, Afrin yesterday.


Danuyevna crossed the Turkish border into Tel Abyad with her family and children to live in so-called Caliphate rule by Islamic State. The woman who lived in many different once IS-held areas like Mosul, Tabqah and Deir Al-Zor hd been separated from her family years ago and was forced into marriage two times. Danuyevna that she had come to Azaz to live with her second husband’s family and spent last two months there. Finally, as trying to flee Jarablus, where Turkey-backed FSA and IS terrorists live together, she was rescued with her children.


She also thanked to YPG and Russian army for saving her, pointing out that she was grateful.




YPG Press Center | December 26, 2017