Russia’s attack on SDF serves terror groups: Spokesperson

  • September 25, 2017 | News

Russian warplanes bombarded the positions of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the area of Koniko (Conico) gas company northeast of Deir ez-Zor where SDF forces are advancing in the Operation Cizire Storm. In the wake of the aerial bombardment Monday noon, Russian forces shelled the area with mortars and Katyushas.
In a press statement about the aggression, Operation Cizire Storm Spokesperson Lîlwa Ebdullah recalled that SDF and Deir ez-Zor Military Council fighters are advancing against terror groups in the Operation Cizire Storm to liberate the Cizire Region land east of the Euphrates river that remains under ISIS occupation.
Ebdullah said this was the second time that Russian forces carried out an attack on SDF forces on the front lines, by doing which “Russia has trampled on the people’s whole desire and hope to be freed from terror”.
Lîlwa Ebdullah pointed out that Russian jets are operating according to the interests of the Syrian regime and harming the SDF forces, as the latest aggression resulted in the death of one SDF fighter and injury of two others, while also damaging the substructure of the gas center in the bombarded area.
Operation Cizire Storm Spokesperson underlined that; “Russia’s attacks on our forces do only serve the terror groups and hamper our activities against them. We have the right to legitimate defense and will never stay silent on attacks targeting our forces.”
Lîlwa Ebdullah urged Russia to change its approach toward the military forces and demands of the region’s peoples.
Lîlwa Ebdullah had been appointed Spokesperson for Operation Cizire Storm on September 9.