Rojda Felat: We avenged Yazidi women with the liberation of Tabqa

  • May 12, 2017 | News

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commander Rojda Felat congratulated the liberation of Tabqa city, noting it as a historical victory which avenged Yazidi women kidnapped by ISIS.
SDF fighters completely cleared the city of Tabqa and the Euphrates Dam from the occupation of ISIS on Wednesday.
The leading SDF commander of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, Rojda Felat, told Hawar News Agency, “I congratulate our fighters, comrades who have fell in the operation and the people of the region for the liberation of Tabqa and the Euphrates Dam, a historic victory for its rescue by our fighters. The Euphrates Dam is now the threshold of the fraternity and freedom of the peoples.”
Speaking on the proximity of the capture of the city, which took place after 50 days of the ongoing operation, the SDF commander said, “The reason for the late completion of the operation for the rescue of Tabqa and the Euphrates Dam was due to the Daesh (ISIS) gangs placing numerous explosives on the way where our forces could progress fast and using the civilians as human shields. For the safety of civilian life, our forces have made progress in a sensitive and careful manner.”
Felat said their forces approached the dam, which distributes electricity to a large part of Syria, sensitively upon the threat of being damaged by ISIS gangs.
Recalling that many civilians were rescued by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the operation, Felat said that they had rescued a large number of women and dozens of Yazidi women who had been used as slaves by the terrorist group and said, “We also avenged the Yazidi women with the liberation of Tabqa and the Euphrates Dam.”
Rojda Felat affirmed that their forces will reach the city of Raqqa, the so-called caliphate capital of the ISIS gangs, and that fighters will rescue Raqqa with high morale.
“2017 will be the year of freedom for all women, including the Yazdi women who were kidnapped by Daesh,” declared Felat.