Results of Wrath of Euphrates First Phase – SDF Campaign to Liberate Raqqa

  • November 14, 2016 | Press Releases

General results of the offensive’s first phase at day 10


·         On November 5, 2016 the 1st Phase of Operation Wrath Of Euphrates started with two axis, first Eyn Îssa and second Siluk

·         Our forces advanced with both axis and surrounded an area with the depth of 12 km and length of 62 km, and extent of 551 square km was surrounded.

·         After 10 days of battle our forces liberated an area of 550 square km

·         36 villages, 31 farms and 7 strategic hills were liberated

·         Liberated villages: El-Qetah, El-Leqta, Xelaf Bek, Şçx Deham, Siran, Şêx Hesen, Xinêz Jor, Xinêze Navîn, Hayis, El-Xedir, Corc, Em Sefa, Ebdulhadî, Celîl,El-Heyderiye, Molhiyan, Moteqtela, Kilta, El-Ebdulleh, Qermoc, El-Erac, Til Doban, El-Hîşa, El- Xeswan, El-Henyan, Nayif, El-Wehîd, Hezriyat

·         Liberated hills: Girê Şêx Hesen, Girê El-Sewan, Girê Munbetih, Girê Şahîn, Girê El-Mofeşiş, Girê Ricêlê, Girê Gundê El-Hayiş

·         Liberated infrastructure: electricity plant, water plant

·         As result of these battles 167 Daesh terrorists were killed, 34 dead terrorists were seized and four Daesh terrorists were captured alive

·         Destroyed enemy vehicles:

-          12 VBIED were destroyed by our forces before they reached their target

-          14 military vehicles

-          8 heavy machinegun vehicles

-          4 canons

-          3 trucks

-          6 mortar vehicles

-          8 motor bicycles

Also many enemy defense lines and centers were destroyed.


·         240 IEDs were neutralized

·         Many light weapons, ammunition and military equipment were seized

·         Four of our comrades were wounded

·         Rumors about massacres and mass killings of civilians remain unconfirmed, our researches about the claims are continuing

·         The operations to surround Raqqa are continuing

·         For the refugees, when the area is fully secured from terrorist threats and once it is cleansed of IEDs the local residents could safely return back to their villages


Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room | November 14, 2016