Resistance Continues in Afrin

  • June 1, 2018 | Press Releases


To the press and the public!


Within the scope of the second phase of the Resistance of the Age, our forces continue to carry out effective operations against the elements of the invading Turkish army and terrorist groups commanded by it.


In this context, our forces carried out actions on the military bases of the occupying Turkish army forces in the past two days, resulting in the deaths of several soldiers and mercenaries.


A large number of soldiers and mercenariesof the Turkish invasion army, two of whom were clearly identified, were killed in the Qurtqulak village of Afrin’s Shera town in the action carried out by our forces against the military base of the occupying Turkish army last night.


Our forces carried out an effective action yesterday at 15:00 against a military base near the village of Maryamain, 7 kilometers east of Afrin city center. It has been determined that Turkish invasion army suffered so many casualties as result of the action, which turned into an intense clash and lasted for 45 minutes.

In the two actions, three of our comrades martyred after fighting untill the last bullet they had. ID information of our matyrs will be shared with the public later.


YPG Press Office | June 1, 2018