Rêdûr Xelîl: Safety of civilians a humanitarian, national responsibility

  • 15 March 2017 | News

The People’s Defense Units (YPG) official spokesman Rêdûr Xelil said in a statement that with the statement from the United Nations the smear campaign against the YPG-YPJ forces has been wasted, and added, “The safety of civilians is a humanitarian and national responsibility for the YPG and SDF forces”.
The UN Human Rights Council in its Syria report in relation to human rights violations in Syria denied the allegations that the YPG-YPJ and SDF had been carrying out “ethnic cleansing in Arab regions”.
The report stated that no evidence had been obtained in relation to the YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces carrying out ethnic cleansing in the region. It also added that there was no evidence of the YPG purposely changing the demography of the region. Lastly, it said that there had been no proof of human rights violations committed by the YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces.
Speaking to ANHA, the YPG spokesman stated that the smear campaign against the YPG and SDF forces had been wasted after the truth was exposed and said, The goal of the smear campaigns against the YPG and SDF is to create a civil war between the peoples, to maintain the presence of Daesh in the region and to cover up the crimes of the forces leading this campaign against the people of the region.”
Rêdûr Xelil said in relation to the duties of the YPG and SDF in liberated regions:  “The safety of civilians in regions liberated from Daesh [ISIS] gangs is a humanitarian and national responsibility for the YPG and SDF forces. This task is also based on the philosophy of creating a safe country and a free society.”
The spokesman added that SDF-YPG forces had been cleansing the liberated regions from planted bombs and explosives alongside international institutions, noting that the efforts are still continuing the clear the regions and to make them safe as a responsibility against the people.