Our forces protect the antiquities as they are part of our history

  • November 22, 2018 | Press Releases

To the press and the public!


In a statement that Dr. Mahmoud Hamoud, the head of the Directorate for Antiquities of the Syrian regime, released to the German news outlet DPA on 17 of this month, he had severely distorted the reality. His statement distorts the reality, misrepresent the truth and is far from standards that ought to be representative of a person who suppose to be an example for the Syrian people, an academician and expert which professional duty suppose to be protection of the antiquities and archaeological sites that are memory of all components and ethic groups of Syria. He ought to act according to his professional duty.


The lies and false assertions launched by the head of Syrian Directorate for Antiquities against our forces are contradicting his professional duties and falling within the framework of supporting a particular political interests. Our forces had witnessed more enemies than friends in their resistance and struggle to protect all the components and ethnic groups of northern Syria. When the Syrian state gave up its duty of protecting the region, our forces set up an example and a role model for organizing the vital energy of young people from various ethnic groups, fought against all kinds of terrorists and defend the people and the region.


The head of Syrian Directorate for Antiquities accuses our forces, along with the ISIS and the al-Nusra Front terrorist organizations, of stealing and trafficking of antiquities. It is dangerous slander and the reasons behind it are political. We totally refute these allegations.  As we have proved all the past years, today once again we affirm that our best fighters and commanders have been sacrificed in the struggle against the terrorist organizations. We reject the false allegations made by the mentioned person and his administration. 


When the Syrian regime gave up on Northern Syria and left it unprotected, our forces, along with liberating the whole region from the hands of terrorists and mercenaries, have worked for the past few years to preserve and protect historical sites such an as castles and bridges. It was us who have protected the Roman Bridge and archaeological sites in Tel Moza, it was us who have liberated Tel Berak, Tel Halaf, Qalat al-Sukkariyah, Qalat Najm, Qalat Jabar and cultural sites in the cities of Raqqa, Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor. During all the past years we have defended the history and the culture of the region and fought against the theft, the plunder and trafficking of antiquities. 


While the YPG/YPJ forces are fighting against the terrorists in Northern and Eastern Syria, obviously they have to establish defensive positions and trenches. The places deem to be appropriate, whether is it a hill, a plain or flat land. The conditions of war oblige us to create the lines of defense and military posts. We will continue to do so as long as our country is threatened by terrorists or invaders.


At all times, our forces have been careful to preserve and protect the antiquities and archaeological sites, because we fully believe that they represent our identity, which we defend.


The head of the Syrian Directorate for Antiquities ought to present the evidence and documents that prove his words and not to descend to making speeches which are contrary to his professional duties and competences. He also ought to talk about the Turkish bombardment of historical places and archaeological sites in Afrin province. Yet due to his particular interests and viewpoint he closes his eyes to these crimes. Instead, he is throwing accusations and slurs at our forces which are always moving with utmost carefulness concerning everything that is related to Syria and its components.


YPG Press Office | November 22, 2018