Operation against Daesh in Hasakeh

  • August 5th, 2019 | Press Releases


On August 4th, teams of our Special Operation Units carried out a wider operation against Daesh sleeper cells in Hasakeh after long-time surveillance of these cells.  As a result of this operation, a number of weapons and armament and miscellaneous tools used for making eplosives and to carry out attacks were confiscated in the raid. 

The balance sheet for this operation is as follows:

73 mines/IED`s

77 B-7 warheads and 128 triggering parts

2 AK-47`s and 47 magazines

1 M16, 10 magazines and 300 rounds of ammunition

1 82mm mortar launcher and 3 mortar rounds

6 handgrenades

1 binocular

1 suicide vest

3 walkie-talkies

500 AKS rounds

150 IED batteries and a number of excess detonators and other miscellaneous explosive items were confiscated.


YPG Press Offcie | August 5th, 2019