One of YPG Press Center founders, martyr Xerîb Welat

  • 21 April 2017 | Fallen Martyrs

We have buried Xerîb Welat, the perfect revolutionary and one of the founders of the YPG Press Center, in our hearts.


Xerîb Welat opened his eyes to the world in 1992 in Sinkaye Village of Efrin's Shera District. He grew up as the son of a patriotic family of Efrin. When he finished his school at Efrin, he went to Aleppo where he studied at the Faculty of Agriculture. In the beginning of the Rojava Revolution in 2012, he was caught in the July 19 wind and at the age of twenty, he takes the revolution flag and goes to the historic area with all his strength. He takes his gun, camera and pen on his shoulder and joins the YPG ranks.


In the battlefields of 2012-2013 resistance, in Serêkaniyê and Rimêla Pasha, his gun's barrel doesn't cool off. Hevalê Xerîb saw that only the weapon was not enough, the camera and the pen had to cool down too.


Coming into the press field in 2013, Comrade Xerib is actively working, staying tirelessly in all battlefields, with three guns, a rifle, pen and camera, showing resistance and sharing it with the world. These activities constitute the bases of the YPG Press Center. No matter how difficult or troublesome it is, Heval Xerib overcomes all obstacles with a will of fire, a strong will, and forms the YPG Press Center.


He combines his camera with his weapon and reports all the moments of his comrades' life. He writes history in the Kurdish press with his photographs and videos. The young man who reads agriculture is now planting seeds of freedom and the trees give fruit.


Comrade Xarib devoted every moment of his life, his whole consciousness, every drop of blood to the service of the revolution. He had set the goal of becoming a follower of the road of the martyrs. In 2014, he began a sacred work to keep the names of the martyrs alive.


He started directing for the 'Cangoriyên Azadiyê' program at the YPG Press Center. The program he directed still continues to broadcast on the screen of Ronahi TV today.

Comrade Xerîb has revealed all his energy for this program and has tried to fulfill his promises to the martyrs with the writings and images he has compiled. He continued to work for this important and hard work until the end. He has carried out this sacred task without interruption of responsibility and decisiveness.


Comrade Xerib fulfilled the promise he had made to his students, comrades and YPG press martyrs Mazlums, Keders, Agirîs and Arîns. He was in the front row in every operation. He was the follower of Rûmet, Bîrhat and Eylüls, who gave life on this path to follow the truth.


Comrade Xerîb who followed the Operation Wrath of Euphrates since 5 November 2016 as a member of the YPG Press Center from the first day announced the walk of freedom fighters step by step to the whole world. On April 20, as a result of a mine explosion in the village of Em Tenek in the north-western part of Raqqa, he joined the caravan of the martyrs.


Comrade Xerîb, who carried on working with a strong spirit and a high morality until the last moment of his life, became an example of the free press and the Rojava Revolution.


I.D information of our martyr is as following:



Code Name: Xerîb Welat

Name Surname: Xerîb Resho

Mother Name: Lemiya

Father's Name: Hemûş

Place of Birth: Efrîn

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa, Em El-Tenek, 20th April 2017


YPG General Command | 21 April 2017