Martyr Mam Hejar is the slogan of unity for Kurdish people

  • 26 Feb 2017 | News

The resistance of Kurdish people against ISIS and there supporter was heard loudly in the world. Alnusra and Isis gangs were not stoped there attack against Rojava Revolution since the beginning. In the face of this attacks, our people sacrifice a lot to stay afloat, and the resistance comes with heavy price.
One of the greatest attack against our people were the siege of Kubani that our freedom fighters ( YPJ / YPG ) made the history out of it and prevent the ISIS gangs to occupy the City of Kubani and at that time Mam Hejar ( Hejar Pirkar ) our comrade from the East Kurdistan ( City of Mahabad ) was involved in the resistance and played a great role to protect the city, he was a member of Revolutionary Union group from East Kurdistan who came to Kubani with other members of Volunteers to help there sisters and brothers in West Kurdistan, he remained in Kubani after the victory and became a member of YPG proudly. Unfortunately we noticed he passed away in the result of hearts attacks on Feb 21 /2017 . 
We as YPJ and YPG send our condolences to his family and friends,the people of East Kurdistan and Mahabad occupant.
May he rest in pease and glory.


Name and family name: Hejar Pirkar

Code Name: Hejar Mehabad

Mother Name: Helîm

Father Name: Resûl

Place of Birth: East Kurdistan, Mehabad

Place of Martyrdom: Kobanê 21 Feb 2017