Many terrorists killed in Afrin as a result of the series of avenging operations carried out in memory of the martyrs of Biye

  • August 30, 2018 | Press Releases


To the press and the public!


Throughout the night of 29 of August, within the scopeof the second phase of the Resistance of the Age, our units carried out a series of successful military operations against the occupying Turkish army   and its jihadist allies in Afrin. The objective of the actions was to avenge two of our comrades that had been martyred on August 9 in the village of Biye as a result of a plot staged by the enemy. The consequence of our operations conducted in the villages of Biye and Kefr Nebo of Afrin’s Sherawa district is as follows:


1. On the night of August 29, at 01:00 am, our unit carried out a successful attack against the military point of the Hamza Division terrorist fraction in the Biye village of Afrin’s Sherawa district. Group of terrorists was targeted and successfully attacked from close distance. As a result of the fight at close range, 10 of the terrorists were killed, 2 AK-47 and a quantity of ammunition were confiscated and a motorcycle destroyed. Besides that, several terrorists had escaped from where the clash took place. 


2. That same night, at 03:00 am, and while the enemy wanted to start their operations in the area, our unit carried out a sabotage action targeting one of their military vehicles. As a result, a vehicle was completely destroyed and 5 terrorists were killed. In the aftermath of our action, groups of terrorists started a massive wide-scale operation in the area. Operation that started from combing the villages of Biye, Kefr Nebo, Birj Heider and Berade in Afrin’s Sherawa district, didn’t bring any result and after a certain time the enemy forces withdrew from the area.


3. Furthermore, on August 29 at 06:30 am, our unit carried out a sabotage action targeting two military vehicles on the road between the villages of Biye and Kefr Nebo. As a result, both of the vehicles were damaged, 4 terrorists, including the al-Sham Division (Faylaq al-Sham) commander named Khaled al-Abeed, were killed, while some others were left wounded. 


After the successful operations of our units, a Turkish occupying army shelled the villages of Bashemre, Birj Qeys and Gunde Mezin with mortars. During whole day, unmanned aerial vehicles of the Turkish occupying army were flowing over the area. 


The consecutive actions that had been carried out to avenge 2 our comrades martyred in the village of Biye, resulted in a death of 19 terrorists in total, a hitting of 3 military vehicles and a motorcycle and confiscation of two AK-47 (Kalashnikov) weapons and ammunition.


YPG Press Office | August 30, 2018