IS leader who planned the Qamishlo massacre was killed in a special operation

  • January 1, 2018 | News


IS leader who planned suicide attack that killed tens in Qamishlo on 27 July 2016 and one of top commanders of the terrorist group was killed in Deir al-Zor in a special operation carried out by Anti-Terror Units of YPG.


One of so-called leaders of IS Hisên Ayîd El Bilêbil Ebû El Welîd is known as the planner of Qamishlo attack. Welid was killed in a special operation after being followed closely for months by YPG Anti-Terror Units.


Welid took his place among the first groups joined Al Nusra front in Syria. Later in 2013 El Welid joined Islamic State amid conflicts between the two groups. He took on high level responsibilities in various IS-controlled areas including security supervising inside and around Hasakah. After the operations by Syrian Democratic Forces to retake IS-held areas in Cizîr region, Walid went to Rakka as a top commander. As the planner and organizer of the terrorist activities planned in the region of Cizir (SDF-held then), he was responsible for the IS cells in the region. In Qamishlo attack, which he planned and ordered in July 2016, many civilians were killed.


Al Walid, who had long been watched by YPG’s Anti-Terror Units, was killed in a special operation after some information about his location in Buseyra village of Deir al-Zor was obtained.



In the attack carried out with a bomb truck in Kharbi district of Qamishlo in July 2016, two buildings collapsed onto the collapsed onto the civilians inside them. The attack killed 58 civilians, injured more than 150.


YPG Press Office | January 1, 2018