Final phase of Raqqa liberation campaign

  • October 15, 2017 | Press Releases

The operation Wrath of Euphrates which Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters are participating in has achieved during four months many victories against IS terrorist organization as our forces have liberated so far the following neighborhoods: al-Remayla, al-Sugar, Hisham bin Abdul Melek, Nezlaht Shuhadah, al- Mushlab, al-Rafiqa, al-Bayatira, al-Thuknah/al-Haramiyah, al- Mehdi, al-Mansour, al-Romaniyah, al-Sebahiyah, al-Diriya, al-Iskan, al-Heni, Bab Baghdad, al- Tayar, al-Kahruba (electricity), al-Busraya, the Old Mosque, al-Batani/al-Barazy and al-Nahda. this space is about ninety percent of the whole city.
While the battles are ongoing in the remaining areas which are al-Akrad, the Irport, al-Barid neighborhood (al-Hurriyah), al-Sukhany, al-Bedouin, al-Andalusiya, al-Matanah.
We in SDF declare to the public opinion that our forces began the battle of Martyr Adnan Abu Amjad, which aims at ending the presence terrorist organization’s mercenaries from the city after al-Raqqa Civil Council and the notables of al-Raqqa governorate have made efforts to evacuate the remaining civilians from the city. Moreover, 275 local mercenaries with their families’ surrender has been guaranteed.
The battle of Martyr Adnan Abu Amjad would continue till the entire city would be cleaned of terrorists who refused to surrender among them foreign terrorists, and insisted to continue their desperate battle against our heroic forces.
Wrath of Euphrates Operations Room
October 15, 2017